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Our Story

About Us

details matter

small details

make big things happen

At Dynamic Designs, we have been providing high quality wraps and graphics since 2014. We do everything from hand out stickers to wrapping full semi trailers, and our products are proudly American Made by a small team of motivated employees.

The Company started out of a spare bedroom in Arizona with motocross graphics being the main focus. Since then, the company has evolved and grown exponetially. We moved up to the Northwest in 2019 and started producing large scale vinyl wraps. We've covered everything from jet boats to airplanes, along with producing dirtbike graphics and sled wraps year round. As an Avery Dennsion certified shop we provide high quality products and services by focusing on the small details that make big differences. We are proud of everything that is produced and leaves this shop, and we do our best to take care of every need you might have. If you want the highest quality wraps and best service this is your place to start.

Long story short. We know you have fast machines that you want to look as cool as you are, so we're here to help you achieve that goal by giving you rad stuff just a click away.

Meet the team

Our Crew

Cody Bristlin
Mr. Do All

The Founder, The Owner, The Big Cheese. All names that have been given to the jack of all trades / master of some, dude who started the company out of a spare bedroom. You'll find him on the mountain when the snow flies, and at the shop doing paperwork any other time.

Cody is the one to call if you have a big job you need done.

Kaiden Alldrin
Graphic Designer

The OG, Mr. Pitstop, The Illustrator Destructor Extraordinaire. Fitting titles for the first official employee of DD. Since joining the team he's burned through 3 PC's and pulled roughly 10,000 screws from enclosed trailers.

Kaiden covers customer orders and some in-house work as well. 

Clayton VanDyke
Graphic Designer

Speed. He. Is. Speed. He handles in-house work with customer jobs with speed and precision. When he's not designing the gnarliest sleds, he's running. The man, the myth, the legend holds 6 school records during his time as track athlete LC State.

Clayton handles new designs for the website and various customer orders.

Bailey Root
Print Production

The Machine, Slaminator, Prince of Production. The newest member of the team has been killing it in the field of production, pumping out prints like no other. Though he's the newby to DD, he's not new to the field. He says that he has "prior experience" but I think it's just natural talent.

Bailey takes care of all production in our shop.

Luke Peterson
Install / Wrap Engineer

Animal, Supa Squeege, Lukey. One half of our install duo. He carries the weight of the almighty vinyl in his soft little hands. He can turn a blank canvas, and turn it into a work of art in no time.

Luke is in charge of all major installs with the help of John.   

John Stuivenga
Install / Wrap Engineer

Cool, Calm, Collected. One half of our install duo. He makes wrapping a 24' boat look easy. With an eye for detail and passion to boot, he can lay vinyl like no other. 

John is in charge of all major installs with the help of Luke.