Vinyl wraps are very cost effective. They can cost down to 1/3 of the price of a professional paint job. They can also be used to advertise for your business as a moving


Vinyl wraps can be customized virtually to any design the customer desires. Not only that, they are quick to print and install. They also have more options than standard paint.


Vinyl wraps are durable! With good treatment and proper care, they last years. no polishing is required, and they can also be safely removed without any risk.



Boat wraps are a perfect option when it comes to
customizing a boat. Wraps are durable, customizable, and quick to install. We have in-house designers that can create custom designs. They have more options than a standard paint job. When taken care of, boat wraps can last for several years. They also can be removed and updated with ease

Boat wraps can sometimes be hard to find a place to start. We can help you out with that. On our website, there are concept designs made by our in-house designers below.

Also, check out our gallery of boat wraps at the end of this page.


If you are looking for ideas for a boat wrap, this is the perfect place to start. All of these designs are custom and made by our in-house designers. Everything is customizable from the colors down to the core of the design. There is a wide variety of possibilities with every option. If nothing sticks out to you, we have capable designers to help make sure you get what you are looking for.

All custom design work requires a design deposit before a proof is sent out. Please contact the shop for more information regarding boat designs.

Recreational Boats

Commercial Boats

Race Boats


For additional questions refer to the FAQ page or contact our shop.

How do we start working on a boat wrap?

The best place to start is by calling or talking with one of our designers. Explain your boat and what you would like to do in detail. Bringing the boat by will also be a good way to get hands-on with the start of the wrap.

How much does it cost to wrap a boat?

There is no easy answer to this question. Each boat can be very different and will vary depending on the situation. Square footage, boat type, base material, and preparation will all directly impact the final price of the boat.

For a free estimate please contact our shop. The process is very quick and simple using the form below. One of our designers will contact you back ASAP.

How long does a boat wrap last?

Boat wraps can actually last for several years. With new advancements in material technology, it provides a better end product. Our material is a high tac, UV-resistant film great for all conditions.

With great care and attention, the wrap can last 5-7+ years.

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